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Magnificent Seven goodies!

More avatars, an Ezra banner and a Mag7 wallpaper. Take anything you like, comments are made of win! and it's nice to give credit. Thanks much!

Next time on Wondergirl's Wonderland....Vin plus more Nathan, Chris and JD!





Magnificent Seven avies

I am now working on some Magnificent 7 icons and will soon work on some banners. Here is what I have so far. Take whatever you like, credit is nice, feedback is wonderful! Yes, I realize this is very Ezra-heavy (he's my fave, obviously), but I will be making Chris, Nathan, Josiah and JD stuff soon. I'm just getting started making icons/banners for this fandom. ;)

Made some 125x125 for places besides LiveJournal.

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Alex O'Loughlin on Criminal Minds!

Alex has a guest role on Criminal Minds on April 29th! Watch the show and tell everyone you know to watch too!!

Tomorrow is THE BIG DAY!!

No, not what's going on in Washington DC, but that's great too.

I'm talking about the Moonlight DVDs being out! You can find the DVD set for the entire series at Amazon.com for $25.99.


Also, this Friday, the entire series will be rerun on the Sci-Fi Channel at 8PM Central / 9PM Eastern! If you haven't seen this show, please watch it this Friday. The series REALLY gets amazing at episode 4, but the first 3 are fun too. Alex O'Loughlin is awesome as Mick as is Sophia Myles as Beth. Their chemistry is sizzling and you will love Jason Dohring as Josef. His snarkiness is masterful.

Vampires, romance, snark.....what's not to love?

New, fresh music!!

Check out this awesome duo...Electra Capella.


Please add them as a friend on MySpace if you dig the music. Thanks!

Flight of the Conchords

If you haven't seen this show yet, do yourself a favor and go get the season 1 DVD. It's hilarious! Also, go get the CD of their music.

Here is a video of the song, Business Time from the show.


This is my very first fanfic. It's a crossover with the Moonlight world and the brothers from Supernatural .

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters and am only writing this for fun, not profit.

Worlds Collide

I may be a P.I., but sometimes I need help on certain cases. For instance, take the day I met Sam and Dean Winchester…

“I love Los Angeles.”
“Of course you do, Dean. For you, what’s not to like?” Sam and Dean Winchester teased each other as they drove back to the hotel in their 1967 black Chevy Impala.

“I think we should chill here for a little while longer. Ya know, see the sights, do some touristy stuff…check out more local color, if ya know what I mean.” With that wink sideways to his brother, Dean pulled into the Hotel Babylon.

“I don’t know, Dean. Feels like we need to move on.” Sam wasn’t as taken with L.A. as his big brother. “I think I saw something online yesterday about some ghost activity in San Francisco.”
“Ah Sammy, always the killjoy.”, Dean said as he smirked at his brother then quickly frowned. As Dean began packing up their gear, Sam checked the net for more details on the ghost rumblings. “San Francisco? Could you have chosen a more non-Dean type of city?”
“You mean, you don’t like….bridges?”, Sam quipped.
“Heh. Funny, Rickles.”
“Hey Dean, check this out. There’s been some kind of cult activity here in L.A. A man was found a week ago in the woods, tortured and drained of all his blood.” Dean stopped packing and walked over to Sam’s computer.
“We-hell. Looks like we’re staying in Sin City after all.”
“Sin City is Las Vegas, Dean.”
“Not while ol’ Deano is here.”

“Mr. St. John, I need your help. My brother, Joshua, was found dead in the woods and drained of all his blood. The police have no clue on who did this to him, but I’m suspecting a cult. They’ve told me they have no leads. Please, Mr. St. John, I need justice now.”
“I’ll do what I can, Mr. Normandy.”

After James Normandy left my office, I started searching online for any information on the murder of Joshua Normandy. As I was checking on some past cult activity, my cell rang. It was Beth…of course.

“Hey, what’s up? Any new cases you need help with?”
“You know that guy that was found in the woods, drained?”
“Ooh, you mean, the cult murder?”
“Yeah, his brother came and asked me for help today. He said the police are stumped. I’m thinking vamp activity unless there is some freaky cult stuff going on, and with L.A., you never know.”
“I’ll see what I can dig up for you. Oh and what about that movie?”
“I promise we’ll go see Batman.”

I left for the crime scene with a smile as I thought about going to the movies with Beth. It would be our fifth official date. It was getting late, but I knew that the police wouldn’t be out searching for clues then, so I could use my heightened senses to search for things they’d never notice.

Sam and Dean turned on their flashlights and began looking for any demon, ghost, or other supernatural activity. Dean caught a glimpse of some sort of light in the distance.

“Sam, what the hell is that?” Sam turned off his flashlight and looked over where Dean was looking. The two ducked down behind some bushes as they watched the glow wander around the crime scene area. “Sam, do they have lightning bugs in California?”, whispered Dean.
“That is NOT a lightning bug.”

Mick’s eyes glowed brightly in the dark forest as he scanned the trees and then, caught a whiff of human on the night air. Dean reached for his salt-filled gun and Sam grabbed a machete. Dealing with vampires before, they knew how to handle the situation.
“Hey bloodsucker, you the one that killed that guy?”, asked Dean.
“No, I’m Mick. St. John, a private investigator.” Sam looked at Dean with a suspicious glance and readied the machete in his hand.
“Dean, let’s bring him out and then, go for it.”, Sam whispered.
“Alright. Dude, can we see your ID?”
“Only if I can see yours.”, quipped Mick. Dean gave Sam the “thanks” signal and the two started towards Mick. Mick heard every word that Sam and Dean were saying so he was prepared for the attack. He pulled out his ID and Sam took one look at it and said “Thanks.” Before Sam could swing the machete towards Mick’s head, he grabbed Sam’s arm and threw him against a tree. Dean shot the salt gun at Mick, hoping to stop him until he could grab the machete. Mick fell back from the sting of the rock salt and Dean yelled at Sam.
“Sammy, you okay?”
“Not….really.” Mick stumbled forward and Dean lunged for the machete. Barely getting a grasp on the handle, Dean yelled, “Blood-sucking son of a bitch!” and let out a growl running towards Mick. Mick ran towards Dean and in the heat of the moment, his eyes turned, his teeth retracted and he let out a fierce growl. He was in full fight mode. Dean swung at Mick and he ducked, grabbing Dean’s arm and twisting it until Dean dropped the weapon. Dean let out a loud yell and Mick let him go, grabbing the machete.
“Who the hell are you guys?”
“None of your damn business!”, Sam growled.
“Ah Sam, why don’t we just let this piece of crap know who we are. He won’t be alive much longer anyway.” Dean gave Mick a dirty look and rubbed his arm. “I’m Dean Winchester. This is my brother, Sam. If you really wanna know, we’re hunters.” “Hunters?”
“Yeah, we hunt garbage like you. Did you enjoy torturing and killing Joshua Normandy, you sick bastard?”
“I didn’t kill him. So, you guys are vamp hunters?”
“We hunt vampires, demons, werewolves, ya know, scum of the earth.”
“How did you know about me?”, Mick asked.
“We saw your glowing eyes. You’re kind of a dumb vampire, aren’t ya?”
Mick, back in non-vamp mode, gave Dean a look of disgust. “And you’re kind of a rude jackass, aren’t ya?”
“And proud of it.”, smiled Dean.
Sam got up on his feet and limped over to his brother and Mick. “So, you aren’t here to kill anyone? You really are a vampire private investigator?”
“Believe it or not, there are some good vamps around. I happen to be one of them. I’m here to find out what happened to Joshua Normandy. Same as you guys. I’m suspecting some sort of cult, but whether it’s human or vampire, I’m not sure yet. Sorry for roughing you up, man.“
“Okay, I’m totally confused here. You are a vampire, but you don’t kill people? You don’t suck blood? You even hold a regular, boring nine to five job?”, Dean asked.
“Yeah. There are others like me around the United States. We have to keep the bad vamps in check. We have rules we follow and that includes not killing people. I get my blood from the morgue. In fact. I, uh…have a guy.”
“You have a…ooookay. Sam, have you read anything about this?”
“This is news to me. All the vampires I’ve ever come in contact with were bad news and needed to be beheaded.”
“I’d appreciate it if you would let me keep mine. I need it to solve this murder. Thanks.”
Just then, Mick’s cell rang and again, it was Beth. “Hey. What did you find out?”
“Well, I think you’d better come meet me at my apartment. I found out about some vampire cult and this is some interesting reading.”
“Be there soon.”
“Who was that?”, Sam asked.
“My…uh….girlfriend, Beth. She’s helping me with this case.”
“Girlfriend? Is she a vampire too?”
“No. She’s human and a reporter.”
“Seriously? You are dating a human being?”, Dean asked.
“Yep. Oh and she’s hot too.”, smiled Mick.
“Sam, could you pinch me. I think I’m asleep or something.”
“Look, you guys could help me out. You being hunters and all. We could figure this thing out and find justice for Joshua and his brother, James.”
“A vampire out for justice, who doesn’t kill people and has a hot girlfriend. It’s a good thing we’re in Los Angeles, because this has to be a made up story from some nutball Hollywood writer.”, Dean said as he rolled his eyes.
“Follow me to Beth’s apartment. She’s got news about some vampire cult.”

These boys were young, but they were strong and knowledgable in vampire information. As long as they don’t turn crazy on me, we can all work together to solve this crime. I’ll have to keep my eye on the snarky one.

“Hey. This is Dean and Sam Winchester. They’re hunters and willing to help us with this case.”
“Um…hi. Hunters?” Beth looked over at Mick subtly and his eyes told her everything was cool, but he was being cautious.
“Nice place ya got. Soooo, you and ol’ Mick here. That’s gotta be an interesting story, huh?”, Dean smirked as he leaned his arm on the wall.
“Yeah., it is. Anyway, this is the information I have on this vampire cult. Seems that there is some Lithuanian vampire god named Vilnius. Now, the legend is that he had a child before he was turned into a vampire. If vampires drink the blood of his descendants, they gain great strength. I’ve checked his family tree and it looks like Joshua Normandy was his descendant.”
“So we have to find these bloodsuckers, remove their heads from their bodies and bingo, no more killings. Sounds like a plan. Let’s go.”
“Dean, we don’t know how many there are in this cult. We can’t go in there blind.”
“Sam’s right. We need to find out what we’re dealing with here. Where is their lair? Plus, they might go after James next.”, said Mick.
“Well, we could ask some vamps around town. Maybe Josef knows something about this.”
“Beth, I don’t think this cult is the kind of group Josef would know much about, but I guess it’s worth a try.”
“Who’s this Josef guy?”, Dean asked.
“Let’s just say…you remind me a lot of him.”, Mick smirked.

I felt a little uneasy about taking these Winchester guys to talk with Josef, but knowing that there would be plenty of strongarms in the room, eased my mind.

“Josef Kostan, this is Sam and Dean Winchester. They’re helping Beth and me with that Normandy case.” Josef gave Mick a cocked eyebrow and held out his hand to greet the Winchesters. “They are…hunters.”
“Hunters? What, like big game?”, Josef smirked.
“Not…exactly.”, said Mick.
“We hunt vampires. Oh and demons, werewolves, stuff like that.”, Dean returned one of his trademark half-smirks at Josef.
“Really? Well, you certainly have come to the right place. I know my fair share of werewolves. Let me get my address book and you guys can go to town, eh. Mick, may I speak with you in private?”
“Um, they already know what we are. I’ve told them that we’re not out to kill anyone. They know about the rules.”
“Ah, I see. That changes everything. Mick, just what part of the word, secrecy, do you not understand?”
“Josef, it’s fine. They’re going to help us and when we’ve solved this murder, they are going to go on their merry way and never talk about any of this again. Right, guys?” Beth turned her eyes to the Winchesters and gave them a steely gaze.
“Yes. That’s right. Look, we see that there are vampires that obviously just want to go about their lives and not hurt anyone. That’s fine. We’re here to find the ones that ARE hurting people.”, said Sam.
“You know this ruins my whole day, finding out there are vampire hunters. I woke up in a really good mood this morning too. I had dinner with Simone last night and things ended just perfectly.”, Josef said with a sigh.
“Josef. We’ll talk about that later. Right now, we need to find out more about this vampire cult.”
“Simone? I’m assuming she’s a human too. You vamps have no problem with inter-species dating, huh?”
“Dean, is it? You’re a lot like me and that doesn’t help ease my fears about this whole situation.”
“Hey, I do my job and you do yours. Bad vampire cult is exterminated and all is good in the world. Then, we’ll leave you decent vamps to your freaky human dating business.”
“Dean. Don’t rock the boat. We need their help here. I realize that finding out there are good vamps in the world is blowing your mind, but chill out.”
“Sure, Sam. I’m chill. Let’s go kick some vampire cult ass.”
One of Josef’s right-hand vamps approached the group. “Mr. Kostan, may I speak with you in private?”
“Uh, sure David. Excuse me guys…and Beth.” Josef nodded at the group and went to speak with David.
“I think I can help. I use to be in this vampire cult you all are talking about. It began in Lithuania hundreds of years ago. I had to flee the country when I no longer wanted to worship Vilnius. Obviously, the rest of the cult didn’t like that. I fled to France, where you and I met. I know that this group likes to hang out in old, abandoned churches. They’re also very strong, so tell your friends to be extra vigilant.”
“Thanks for sharing with me, David. I’ll let them all know.”

After Josef told us what information he had, we all went back to my apartment to discuss our plan. We needed to not only take down this cult, but protect James Normandy as well.

“Beth, could you do a search of any abandoned churches in the area?”
“Sure thing.”
“Hey, uh, Mick. How long you been a vampire?”, Sam asked.
“56 years. I’ve seen quite a bit in my time, but never hearing about hunters has thrown me for a loop.”
“I guess we’re good at sneaking around and taking care of business. The fact that there are decent vampires in the world has thrown me for a loop, that’s for sure.”, said Dean.
“How do you think I felt when I found out what Mick was?”, said Beth.
“Did you run away screaming? Heh.”, snickered Dean.
“No. Not at all. I was intrigued and obviously taken with him and his mysterious ways.” Beth looked at Mick and gave him a huge smile. Mick returned that smile and then shyly looked down at the floor.
“Indeed. Say, you got anything to drink? I think Sammy and I need some liquid courage before we hit the road.”
“I have….blood. Although, there is the scotch Beth gave me a couple of weeks ago that I haven’t finished yet.”
“Scotch? You can drink alcohol?”, asked Sam.
“Yeah. Mixed with a little blood and you’ve got a great pick-me-up.”
“Damn. Learn somethin’ new everyday.”, said Dean.
“Hey, I found something. Looks like there’s an abandoned church out in the desert near Palmdale. Looks like we’re going on a road trip.”
“Beth, you’re welcome to ride with us in the Impala, if you’d like.”, quipped Dean.
“Um, yeah, she’s riding in the classic Mercedes with me, but thanks for trying.” Mick half-winked at Dean as Sam rolled his eyes at his brother.

I asked Josef if he could send someone to look after James Normandy. It’s difficult enough to fight a bunch of wacko vamps, but knowing that there’s one more descendant of this vamp god is too much. I would have asked Beth to keep him company somehow, but there’s no way she would have done that. She’s too strong-willed, but that’s one thing I love about her.

“Sam, am I crazy or is this vampire kinda cool? I mean, he seems like a normal, down-to-earth, nice guy, but then…bingo, he’s a vampire. Ya know, everything we stand against and are programmed to kill. I feel like I’m livin’ in some type of parallel universe here.”
“First of all, yes, you’re crazy. Second of all, he does seem very normal and cool. We do need to keep our guard up though. I mean, we’ve seen some good vamps before who fought off their urges, but he seems downright puppy-like.”
“Well, except the time he kicked our ass in the forest.”
“Yeah, there’s that. Hence, my reasoning for keeping our guard up.”
“So, we’ll just leave him alone and go about our business after this is all over?”
“I’d say…yes, for now.”

“Mick, do you trust those guys completely?”
“Aside from them coming at me with a machete in the forest, they seem okay. I’m still wrapping my head around this whole hunter thing. I thought at least Josef would know something about that, but he seemed as surprised as I was.”
“Yeah, they are pretty good at hiding, I guess.”
“And that scares me a little.”
“Don’t worry. I’ll protect you from the big, bad hunters.” Beth turned toward Mick and smirked with a cute head nod. Mick couldn’t help but smile back with a bit of embarrassment.

The Impala and Mercedes made their way to the hot desert of Palmdale, California. Not only were trees sparse, but so were any buildings, except for a few, including a diner, a run-down motel and of course, Our Lady of Solace church.

Due to my hate-affair with the sun, we decided to go late in the evening. The stillness of the desert was very haunting. I was worried about Beth’s safety, but I know she’s strong and has the three of us protecting her. Knowing that these vampires have drank blood to make them stronger makes me even more cautious than I already tend to be.

“Hey, uh, Beth, you comfortable shooting a rock-salt gun if necessary?” Beth cocked the gun in her hands as Dean’s eyes widened and then gave way to a proud smile.
“Mick, you have any weird issues with killing your own kind?”, Sam asked.
“No. Like I said, we have rules and this cult doesn’t seem to want to follow them.” With stakes, silver knives, machetes and blowtorches, the four made their trek about a half mile from their parking spot to the church. There was a soft red glow illuminating the stained glass windows. Dean slowly peeked in the bottom of the front right window and could see a few figures, heads bowed, wearing black cloaks and could hear a slight murmur.
“I think they’re praying, worshipping or whatever. Seems like a good time to take advantage.”
“Let’s do it.”, said Sam. Mick nodded his head at the Winchesters and gave Beth’s hand a squeeze. Mick kicked the church’s door in and chaos erupted. The vampire cult members pulled their hoods back and bared their fangs as they chose one of the four to attack. Beth shot at one of the vamps as Dean lit up the blow torch and burned another. Sam swung the machete around and hit two vampires in one swoop, severing their heads completely. Mick vamped out as he fought vampire after vampire, while staking some and using the silver knives on others.
Beth yelled out to Sam, “Be careful with the machete around Mick!”
“Will do!” Just as Dean was about to torch another, a vampire knocked it out of his hands then picked him up by the throat and threw him into a set of chairs. Beth turned to see what had happened and another vampire grabbed her arm and twisted it until she dropped the gun.
“Let go of me!”, yelled Beth. The vampire gave her a smile and leaned toward her neck, just as Sam swung the machete and beheaded him only a foot from Beth’s face. She stood there with her mouth open in shock and Sam touched her shoulder and said, “You okay?” She barely nodded and then said, “Thank you.” Sam smiled and then handed her the gun back.
“Dean, you alright?”
“When these damn bloodsuckers are all dead, I will be.” Dean felt around in the semi-dark room for a weapon and came across the blow torch again. Turning it back on, he got up and sent another vampire to ashes.
All 12 cult members were killed or staked, so that left only the leader. As he approached the old, strong vampire, Mick was thrown towards the back of the church.
“Mick!”, yelled Beth.
“How dare you come into our domain and wreak havoc! You have no right to be here and bringing in humans to help you….I would say, that deserves death.”
“I agree.”, Mick said as he pulled out a stake and lunged at the ancient vampire. He plunged the stake deep into his chest. Sam walked over and looked at Mick, still vamped out, gave him a sad eye and leaned down to cut the vampire’s head off. The staked vampires were also beheaded and a call sent to The Cleaner.

Mick called James Normandy and he immediately went to Mick’s office.
“Mr. Normandy, I found the killer of your brother. He was holed up in some run-down motel near Palmdale and when I confronted him, he shot himself in the head.”
“Thank you, Mr. St. John. Now, I can finally get some rest. Justice is done.”

I hated lying to the clients, but when secrecy is of the utmost importance, it’s a must. After Mr. Normandy left, I decided it would be a good idea to chat with the Winchester brothers about their hunting background before they left town.

“How long have you guys been hunting?”
“It’s been about 4 years now, I guess. Although, I was hunting with our dad before Sam’s fiancé was killed. That’s what brought us together again.”
“Tragedy seems to follow our family around.”
“Yeah, I….know the feeling, Sam.” Mick looked at his glass of blood and then took a drink.
“Well, you guys should be proud of what you’re doing. There’s a lot of evil in the world and knowing you two are out there fighting will help me sleep better at night.” Beth looked at the Winchester boys and smiled and they both returned one back.
“And here I thought the world only had vampires and humans.”, Mick said as he shook his head.
“Well, we’d better get back to the motel and pack up. Thanks for everything, Mick. Keep fightin’ the good fight.”, Dean said as he shook Mick’s hand.
“Sam, thank you again for what you did back in the church.”
“No problem, Beth. I hope you aren’t too traumatized by it all.”
“Well, I’ve seen some crazy stuff since I’ve met Mick, so I’ll be fine.” All four chuckled as Mick opened the door and Sam and Dean walked down the hall toward the elevator.
Mick sighed and closed the door. “So, you ready to go see Batman?”, he asked Beth.
“Not tonight. I think I’ve seen enough destruction for one day. How about we just stay in tonight and relax.”
“Sounds good to me.” Mick leaned in to Beth and the two kissed as Mick reached to dim the lights.

Supernatural icons/banners

I'm now trying my hand at some SPN icons and banners. Feel free to take whatever you'd like. :)



Lindsey's new album out TODAY!!!!!!!

I don't have the actual CD in my hands yet, but I've heard some of the songs, and OMG, this album is going
to ROCK!! Of course it will...it's Lindsey. Hehe. Do yourself a favor and go buy this album. It will be FANTASTIC. I'm going to see Lindsey in a couple of weeks..well, less than. I cannot WAIT!